REVIEW: The Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon Series

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Yeah, for this one, I couldn’t review the books separately. For one thing, they all fit so well together and, for another, there’s just too many of them! We’d be here forever! I did, back when I tried to read the books the first time around, do individual reviews for the first three books, so you can check those out if you like: Witchling, Changeling, and Darkling.

About the Books

Titles: Witchling, Changling, Darkling, Dragon Wytch, Night Huntress, Demon Mistress, Bone Magic, Harvest Hunting, Blood Wyne, Courting Darkness, Shaded Vision, Shadow Rising, Haunted Moon, Autumn Whispers, Crimson Veil, Priestess Dreaming, Panther Prowling, Darkness Raging, Moon Shimmers, Harvest Song, Blood Bonds

An assortment of covers, since there are quite a few.

Author: Yasmine Galenorn

Series: Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon – 21 books

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Dates Read: most of 2022

Blurbs: not going to list them all, we’d be here all day šŸ™‚


These books have a little bit of everything that an urban fantasy romance fan would want. Witches, weres, vampires, dragons, demons, unicorns, fae, elves . . . the list could go on and on. While at times it felt ever so slightly jumbled, everything made sense within the story world itself. That is what is most important to me in books like this – as long as it is logical within the world, you can throw in as much as you want.

There were many fight scenes, which you wouldn’t necessarily expect in paranormal romance, but they were all really well written. You have people fighting with various types of magic, shapeshifting into other creatures to fight with claws or talons, and all manner of interesting baddies. Also, as you would expect with paranormal romance, there are a lot of sex scenes. These are also very well written, although a bit explicit, so dive in at your own risk if that’s not for you.

And now for the story itself. You have the D’Artigo sisters, who are half fae and half human, which made them get treated poorly in Otherworld, but still very exotic when they moved Earthside. Supernatural creatures are known to the general public, but they haven’t been for very long, a few years when the story begins. Because of their half human heritage, some of their powers go awry at times. For example, the oldest is Camille and she is a witch pledged to the Moon Mother. Her magic doesn’t always work properly, although throughout the series, she is able to improve. The middle sister is Delilah who is a werecat that sometimes shifts without meaning to, especially if she’s startled or sees something sparkly. The youngest is Menolly, who was turned into a vampire years ago and is still dealing with the fallout from that experience.

The sisters and their collection of friends and lovers (the group grows considerably throughout the series) are attempting to outwit and fight Shadow Wing, a demon general from the Subterran Realms who wants to split the worlds apart and take over. There are nine magical objects called the spirit seals that will help stop him. So that is our quest: find the spirit seals (and the individuals destined to wield them) and defeat the big baddie. The only main complaint I had with the series in general was the pacing. There were entire books that had nothing to do with the main plot of either fighting Shadow Wing’s minions or finding new seals. While these books were still enjoyable and helped flesh out some of the other characters, it did sometimes drag the overall story down for me. I still liked them, don’t get me wrong, but this series is already very long and it could have probably been six books shorter and still been very good.

For my GoodReads rating, I bounced between 3 stars, 4 stars, and 5 stars for various books, so for the series overall, let’s say 4 stars. It’s fun, over the top, sometimes a bit silly, oftentimes very heartwarming, and just a good time. I’m so glad I got to finish this one!

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