REVIEW: Stolen

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StolenTitle: Stolen

Authors: Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston

Series: Heart of Dread #2

Genre: YA Fantasy/Dystopian

Pages: 323

Dates Read: January 1 – 5, 2021

Edition Read: Kindle eBook

Blurb: Who is Eliza Wesson?

Months after Nat and Wes said goodbye on the shores of the Blue, Nat is learning how to control and use her new power. She and her drakon are the last of their kind—and she’s risked her life for their reunion. When she receives a mysterious distress call, she races to help, soliciting the guidance of her new friend, the beautiful and aloof Faix Lazaved of the Blue.

Still heartbroken over losing Nat, Wes is racing cars on a New Vegas racetrack while his team is scattered and lost. When he finds out that his sister, Eliza, is being held in the golden domes of El Dorado, he does what he’s best at—running to her side—and gambles on luck to see him through one more time.

They soon discover that the answer to both their quests lies in the same question: Who is Eliza Wesson—what is she capable of, and why was she stolen from her family so long ago?


*This review will have some spoilers from Frozen, book #1 in this series.*

*You can see my review for that book here.*

I am really enjoying this series, although book #2 did not start out the way I expected. Although Nat and Wes were separated at the end of Frozen, this whole story was leading up to a romance that didn’t happen, or at least not for a while. Nat goes into the Blue to figure out what it actually means to be a drakonrydder. She is tasked with protecting this place that she has never been to and doesn’t know – and doesn’t really belong.

Meanwhile Wes is off trying to find his sister. A good portion of this book is spent looking for her and trying to rescue her, since we know she is marked. Once we find out what Eliza’s fate truly was, the story moves so fast, it’s hard to put down. We learn so much more about her and Wes and every bit is so good.

Middle books in a trilogy are sometimes disappointing, but this one was great. It answered just enough questions from the first book while still setting up the story for a great finale coming up in book #3. There was a HUGE cliffhanger at the end, so be warned.

In short, this series started off good and keeps getting better.

GoodReads rating: 4 stars

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