Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – Chapter 12 (#PotterheadReadAlong19)

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In Chapter 12, we see Dumbledore’s office for the first time and meet his very unusual pet, enjoy holidays at Hogwarts, and see the polyjuice potion in action. Let’s go!

First of all, I just want to say that this is my 600th post here on Life With No Plot! I’m so excited about that! You all don’t know how much I appreciate anyone who likes or comments, or even just takes the time to read my silly little drabbles here. So thank you!

On to the story now . . .

While I generally have issues with Dumbledore as a character over the entirety of the series, this chapter is one of the reasons why I like him. Let’s be honest – Harry’s case doesn’t look good here. He’s been caught twice now at the scene of the crime and is now known to be a Parselmouth – both things that could be damning circumstantial evidence of Harry being guilty. But Dumbledore believes Harry, knows that he wouldn’t do something like this, not only giving him the benefit of the doubt, but giving him the freedom to figure things out on his own.

I also really love that the first time Harry sees Fawkes the Phoenix, he thinks that somehow, he was responsible for the bird burning up.

“Professor,” Harry gasped. “Your bird – I couldn’t do anything – he just caught fire -“

Poor Harry. He’s just having a rough time.

We also get to learn important information about phoenixes, their strength and their healing tears. I’m sure that won’t come into play anywhere in the future, no not at all.

I also love Hagrid’s immediate and emphatic support of Harry. Hagrid is the absolute best.

It is my dream to be able to spend Christmas at Hogwarts. The castle all covered in snow and icicles. The Great Hall decorated with it’s enchanted Christmas trees and sparkling lights. It just sounds so beautiful. It is both lovely and sad that Harry looks forward to spending his holidays at school when everyone else looks forward to going home with their families. Also, what on earth is wrong with the Dursleys, that they send him a toothpick for a Christmas present? Why bother sending anything at all? Morons.

Moving on to the polyjuice portion of our show tonight. The potion is ready. They just need something from Crabbe and Goyle to complete it. Which they get easily, luring them with cake that has been laced with sleeping draught. Because they are dumb. Really dumb. I would question cake that was just sitting on the staircase. Not just eat it.

Oh wait. It was chocolate cake? All bets are off then.

I also really love that all this rule breaking is basically Hermione’s plan. Perfect Hermione who never puts a toe out of line. She would make an excellent crime boss, I’m just saying.

They get their hairs from Crabbe and Goyle (Hermione got a hair from a Slytherin girl during Dueling Club) and drink the polyjuice potion. This is an experience that I am glad is fictional, because I don’t want to ever have to go through something like this. It sounds absolutely horrible. But it works! Let’s give a cheer to Hermione once again – brewing a highly advanced and difficult potion as a 2nd year Hogwarts student! She’s just amazing!

Hermione is my favorite character, in case you didn’t know or couldn’t tell.

They transform, although something has gone wrong with Hermione’s transformation and she can’t go, and learn a fair amount about Malfoy. One, he is not the heir of Slytherin. Two, he doesn’t know who is, but wishes he did so he could help them. And three, his family manor house has been raided by the Ministry for Dark Artifacts, but haven’t found anything because they are hidden in a secret compartment under the drawing room.

Also, Mr. Weasley got in trouble for owning a flying car. Malfoy really loved to joke about that. Stupid git.

After the polyjuice starts to wear off, the boys run back to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom to tell Hermione what happened and find out that Hermione does sometimes make mistakes. She thought she got a human hair off of Millicent Bulstrode’s robe, but Millicent must have a cat because . . . well . . .

Her face was covered in black fur. Her eyes had turned yellow and there were long, pointed ears poking through her hair.

Polyjuice isn’t used or animal transformations. She may be stuck like this.

It took a long time to persuade Hermione to leave the bathroom. Moaning Myrtle sped them on their way with a hearty guffaw. “Wait till everyone finds out you’ve got a tail!”

Poor Hermione.

See you next time for Chapter 13!

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