Added to GoodReads – 2/18/19


Ugh. Last week was just a crazy week, y’all. First, my daughter was having some issues at school that I needed to take care of. Then, she caught the flu, followed by my husband catching it as well. Keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t get it, but it may be a lost cause at this point. I guess we’ll see. Pile all of that on top of the anniversary of losing my dad and a holiday that I really don’t like, and you can imagine – I’m a bit of a mess right now!

Because of this, I have not been keeping up with what other people are reading (and I’m barely reading myself, ggrrrrrr!), but I did want to share at least a few books that I found. Let me know if you’ve checked them out.

  • A Danger to Herself and Others by Alyssa Sheinmel – This book was glowingly recommended by Jenaca at JenacideByBibliophile. You can read her review here.
  • The Wicked King by Holly Black – Honestly, this one would be on my radar anyway because I love Holly Black, but you should also read this really great review over at Silver Button Books.
  • Archangel’s Prophecy by Nalini Singh – I was hesitant to share this one, as it is the 11th book in a series, but after looking up this series, I am so surprised I hadn’t heard of it before! You can check out this review of the 11th book, brought to you by Beckireads at The Flutterby Room, as it appears to be spoiler free if you haven’t read the rest of the books. I am actually adding book #1, Angel’s Blood, to my list right now!

I’m sure there are other fabulous reviews out there, so please let me know if you saw one that you would like to share in comments below.  I will hopefully be able to keep up with everyone better this week.

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  1. I hope your family all feel better soon. Let blogging take a back seat until you are all better, we will still be here 😀

  2. My thoughts are with you – the anniversary is so hard. ((hugs)). Thank you so much for liking my review and going that extra mile to tell people about it. The fact that you did this when you had so much going on just shows what an awesome blogger you are! Thank you!

    • Aw, thanks! The anniversary is rough each year – he’s been gone 18 years now – but some years are harder than others. This was one of the hard ones, but it has passed and I will be fine. It’s nice to have something to focus on other than feeling sad, and blogging really helps with that.

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