Booking Through Thursday – January 15th

Booking Through ThursdayBooking Through Thursday is a weekly blog with a different bookish topic every week. This week’s topic: Author.

If you were going to write a book, what kind of book would it be? (And if you’re an author already, what kind of book would you LIKE to write that you haven’t written yet?)

This one makes me laugh! I’ve been trying to be an author for years. And years. And years and years. I’ve barely finished one manuscript (which I’ve been told has a lousy conclusion and needs to be completely redone) and I have another one that is maybe to the halfway point. One is a fantasy, theoretically book one of a trilogy. The other is a YA dystopian in an urban setting. I can’t really see myself writing in many other genres, to be honest. That is the stuff that I typically read the most of, so it’s what I feel most comfortable writing.

Anyone else ever thought about being an author, or given it a try? What kind of book would you write? Please leave answers in comments!

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