REVIEW: The Adjustment and The Complication

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Continuing to play catch up on my back log of reviews. This is also the final duology of the overarching Program series, bringing to a close a very interesting and thought-provoking series

About the Books

The AdjustmentTitle: The Adjustment

Author: Suzanne Young

Series: The Program #5

Genre: YA Dystopia

Pages: 417

Edition Read: Kindle eBook

Dates Read: July 6 – 14, 2021

Blurb: Tatum Masterson never went through The Program. She never had her memory stripped, never had to fight to remain herself. But when Weston, her longtime boyfriend and love of her life, was taken by handlers, she hoped he’d remember her somehow—that their love would be strong enough.

It wasn’t.

Like all returners, Weston came back a blank canvas. The years he and Tatum spent together were forgotten, as well as the week when he mysteriously disappeared before The Program came for him.

Regardless of his memory loss, Tatum fights to get Weston to remember her. And just as they start to build a new love, they hear about the Adjustment—a new therapy that implants memories from a donor. Despite the risks, Tatum and Weston agree to go through the process. Tatum donates her memories from their time together.

But the problem with memories is that they are all a matter of perspective. So although Weston can now remember dating Tatum, his emotions don’t match the experiences. And this discrepancy is slowly starting to unravel him, worse than anything The Program could have done.

And as the truth of their life together becomes clear, Tatum will have to decide if she loves Weston enough to let him go, or to continue to live the lie they’d build together.

Prepare for your Adjustment.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The ComplicationTitle: The Complication

Author: Suzanne Young

Series: The Program #6

Genre: YA Dystopia

Pages: 464

Edition Read: Kindle eBook

Dates Read: July 14 – 15, 2021

Blurb: How do you go back to a life you can’t remember? Find out in this sixth novel in the New York Times bestselling Program series from Suzanne Young.

Every cure has a cost.

Tatum Masterson learned this after years of being monitored by The Program. She witnessed it when her boyfriend, Wes, came back changed, erased. And now, even the newest “cure” has a heavy cost—one she and Wes paid.

The Adjustment came into Tatum’s life just when she thought she needed it most, a promise for Wes to get back his forgotten memories. But when the procedure went wrong, a revelation shattered everything Tatum thought she knew.

Now, with no one left to trust, Tatum must find out what really happened last summer. And with the help of the boyfriend she lost, Tatum will have to dig into the past and future of The Program and its handlers.

And discover the true cost of a cure.


I will admit, at first I wasn’t sure I would like this duo of books as much as I liked the other two. When I first started it, I felt like it was going to be a rehash of Sloane and James from The Program. I was very quickly proven wrong.

I think it’s probably very difficult to write the conclusion to a series, especially one like this that is told out of order. These books happen after the first two books and you definitely need to be familiar with the other four in order to enjoy these two and know all the ins and outs of what’s going on. While there were a lot of similarities to the stories of Tatum and Weston to Sloane and James, the Adjustment throws that completely for a loop.

It’s also fun by the end of the series that pretty much the entire cast from the first two books comes back around. Quinn and Deacon, Sloan and James, even Realm is back and it’s both exciting and heartbreaking at the same time. Their stories are all woven together, each one tied back into the Program and what it has done to them all. Little things that I had missed in the first books came full circle in these two and it was really cool to see all the twists and turns that made more sense.

For my rating, I gave The Adjustment four stars, but gave The Complication five stars. Overall, the entire series is fantastic and these two books were a fitting end.

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