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the treatmentTitle: The Treatment

Author: Suzanne Young

Series: The Program #2

Genre: YA Dystopia

Pages: 353

Dates Read: April 25 – May 3, 2021

Edition Read: Kindle eBook

Blurb: How do you stop an epidemic?

Sloane and James are on the run after barely surviving the suicide epidemic and The Program. But they’re not out of danger. Huge pieces of their memories are still missing, and although Sloane and James have found their way back to each other, The Program isn’t ready to let them go.

Escaping with a group of troubled rebels, Sloane and James will have to figure out who they can trust, and how to take down The Program. But for as far as they’ve come, there’s still a lot Sloane and James can’t remember. The key to unlocking their past lies with the Treatment—a pill that can bring back forgotten memories, but at a high cost. And there’s only one dose.

Ultimately when the stakes are at their highest, can Sloane and James survive the many lies and secrets surrounding them, or will The Program claim them in the end?


Finally catching up on some reviews after . . . (checks notes) . . . six months. Oh well. I’ve been doing this book blogging thing for nine years now. Never claimed to be good at it. 🙂

This book had so much going on, more so that The Program did. And the Program is still out there, just waiting to pull Sloane and James back into its clutches. Because of the fear that this epidemic of suicides has caused, the Program has a lot of power and those working behind it are not so willing to give that all up. It’s terrifying in a way, how easy it was for all of this to happen.

Also scary is the fact that the supposed “treatment,” a pill that will bring back their lost memories, can also potentially make them sick and suicidal again. It raises the question  – is it worth it? Sloane and James have found each other, they love each other, are their memories worth the risk? Especially when the folks surrounding the Treatment also don’t seem particularly trustworthy.

We also got to find out a bit more about Realm in this story, which I really enjoyed because I feel so conflicted about him. He’s one of those characters that is really hard to figure out where he stands. That’s not a criticism! I enjoy characters like that because they always keep me guessing.

Overall, I thought this was a solid sequel to The Program. I’m so glad I went back to try and finish this series.

GoodReads rating: 5 stars

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