Added to Goodreads – 6/10/19


Added to GoodReads is a weekly feature where I discuss books that I learned about over the past week and share the book bloggers who have reviewed them. As this has been a crazy few weeks, I haven’t been able to share as many as I usually do. I hate that — I love reading other blogger’s reviews and seeing what they have to say about new books, old books and anything in between. It’s just been a very hectic few weeks. I’m definitely looking forward to my upcoming vacation. I need it badly!

But enough of that. On to the books!

Chainbreaker by Tara Sim – I almost hesitated to put this on the list because it is actually the second book in a series, and I usually recommend first books only. I did want to share this really good review though over at Steph’s Story Space. You can also find her review of the first book, Timekeeper, here. This story sounds very steampunky, which I approve of.

Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon by Mary Fan – Speaking of steampunk, here’s another one! This one has more of a Chinese flair to it, which sounds very interesting! Michelle at First Book Love is currently participating in the blog tour for this, and should check out her post here.

Legacy of Hunger by Christy Nicholas – This one was not found on the blogosphere, but through BookBub. I have to admit, I originally was drawn to the title after having a Hunger Games movie marathon this weekend, even though this book has absolutely nothing to do with that. This is a fantasy set in Ireland in 1846 and sounds really cool.

If you have found any new books that you love, or read any reviews that you thought were amazing, please let me know! I love finding new books and new blogs to follow!

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