Added to GoodReads – 5/6/19


Hello and Happy Monday, everyone! Added to GoodReads is a weekly feature where I share some of the new books that I have found over the past week and also highlight some of the wonderful book bloggers in the community who have written about them.

  • Allusion by Andi Hydahl – This book was not found through a blog, but found through a wonderful service called BookBub. Haven’t heard of BookBub? Do yourself a favor and check them out. Every day they will send you a list of ebooks that are available for incredibly discounted prices or, sometimes, even for free. I have gotten lots of free books this way. And this isn’t a paid advertisement or anything like that – I just really like them. 🙂
  • The Shadow Writer by Eliza Maxwell – I found this book through this review by Jennifer at The Tarheel Reader during their blog tour. I like this because it’s a story about a writer, which I always find interesting, but it’s also more of a mystery/thriller, which I don’t read enough of. It would get me out of my comfort zone, which I desperately need to do.
  • Monsters by Gareth S. Young – I found this book through this post by Laura at FUOnlyKnew for her “Books From The Backlog” feature. This book is another that is very different from what I usually read, so I am looking forward to seeing what it’s all about.

That’s it for this week! Have you found any new books lately and want to share? Let me know in comments!

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