WWW Wednesday – February 22, 2017


WWW Wednesday is a weekly feature hosted by Sam at Taking On a World of Words. Three questions, three answers. Let’s go!

What are you currently reading?

This answer has only changed slightly since last week. I read a bit more in RoseBlood by A.G. Howard, which has been a bit odd so far. This is the one that was inspired by the Phantom of the Opera, if you remember. Well, I am very protective of my Phantom stories, more so than any other fandom, so it’s been a bit weird seeing such a different take on it. I’m still not sure what I think, although I’m not even half way in yet. So we’ll see.

Also working on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, although I missed posting about it this Monday. Might try to do that tomorrow.

You might notice something missing from this part. That’s because . . .

What did you recently finish reading?

I finally finished reading The Two Towers!! And I mean just finished, because I literally closed the book about ten minutes ago. I waited to make this post so that I could say that I finished it instead of continuing to plod through it. So yay!

What do you think you’ll read next?

Definitely will be reading The Return of the King, because of course. After that, I think I will stop reading with Mark Reads just for a little while and start working on some of the series I need to try and complete. I challenged myself to complete five of them from my list, so I should probably think about that. To that end, I will say that I will also read Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo, book #2 in The Grisha series. I read the first book, Shadow and Bone, at the end of last year, although it was during my blogging slump, so I never actually reviewed it. I should probably do that at some point.

There are my answers for this week! Please leave yours in comments!

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4 replies

  1. Hope you enjoy the last in the LOTR trilogy 🙂
    I have RoseBlood at home but I probably won’t get to it anytime soon. I was intrigued because Phantom is such a brilliant story, and I’ll be very interested to hear your thoughts once you’re done to see how it compares!
    Happy Reading 🙂

  2. Congrats on finishing Two Towers! And I hope you’ll find time for Siege & Storm; that series is one of my favorites (although it doesn’t beat Six Of Crows). Happy reading!

    • I really liked the first book, but just never got to the rest of them. I do that a lot, which is why I wanted to try and challenge myself to finish some of these series that I left hanging. It’s not that I don’t want to – it’s just that I have the attention span of a gnat sometimes!

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