A Weekend of Soccer and Sandwiches

I don’t usually do this, but I’m so proud right now, I could just burst.

My daughter Ashleigh plays soccer at the YMCA. This is her second season and she’s starting to really improve. Right now, she plays on a league (of four teams) of girls under 10 years old. Her team and her coach really work hard, but they haven’t won any games this season. At all. Now, since this is a Y league, it’s one of those deals where they don’t really keep track of scores and everyone gets a trophy at the end. But it is a little wearing when you do nothing but loose, even if no one makes a big fuss about it. This past Saturday, our team was focused. They were really attacking the ball (which they don’t always do). Ashleigh was getting right into the thick of things (which she doesn’t always do). She even played offense, which was strange, because she usually asks to play defense.

At the end of the game, the score was . . . . 2 – 2!

They didn’t loose!


After that, we got to go to a picnic for my mom’s office. They had really good barbeque sandwiches, but Ashleigh was more interested in taking her soccer ball and going off and practicing. She never wants to practice outside of the team practices, so this is a whole new side of things. I’m so excited that she’s so excited, even though I’m shocked that I now have a daughter who is becoming a jock. Thank goodness she loves reading as much as she does!

So congratulations Red Lightning! Keep this up!

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2 replies

  1. My favorite post ever! So happy for all of you!. Keep up the good work Mom!!!!!

  2. Way to go Ashley! Maybe now that they tasted a bit of excellent playing they will stay on fire…

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