I can has new phone!

No review today, but there should finally be a new post up over on “Chapter’d” today at some point. Seriously, last week was the WRONG week to start a new project. Getting back into the swing of things. Hopefully.

This weekend was exciting because . . . I finally upgraded my phone! I am now the proud owner of a brand new iPhone 4S. True, it’s not the brand new, latest model, but it’s light years ahead of what I had before. Plus I got a really good deal on it, so I’m happy all around. It’s taking some getting used to, but that’s okay. We all gotta start somewhere. 🙂

Speaking of starting somewhere, I also talked my mom into stepping into the smart phone world! She got the iPhone 4, since she doesn’t need quite as much space as I do. The main thing for her is that she takes a lot of pictures. In truth, she is the main reason I have any pictures of my kids. She always liked the way I could immediately post a photo to Facebook, so now she can do it too.

We are now modern women! Well, mostly anyway.