So I took last week off from blogging. Between my daughter’s birthday party, writer’s group starting up again, and a whole host of other factors, I just needed the time to recuperate. I’m feeling much better now, so it’s back to it. There will, however, be some changes.

Mostly, I wanted to say that Heritage will be going on hiatus. I’m finally hitting a groove with the revisions of my main manuscript, Children of Light, so I want to put all my creative force into that. I will still be blogging, of course, but no fiction. Just the usual suspects – book reviews and the memes I currently participate in. I will eventually be looking for something else to fill Monday’s slot, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I’ve been having a terrible time coming up with blog post topics lately.

Also, just a little bit of celebration here – I am right now sitting at 68 books out of the 70 book goal I was planning to read this year. That makes me unbelievably happy. I think I just might be able to read two more books. 🙂

But that’s basically it – just to say a brief hello and let everyone know that I’m back!