Weekly Wrap-Up (Sort Of) and Updates

Weekly Wrap-Up

Hey everybody! Long time, no see!

Life has been super weird for me lately, especially reading-wise. September was such a great month. I felt motivated, excited. Not sure exactly why, but it was a nice change. In October, I started sliding into depression that got a whole lot worse in November. I have no idea what exactly caused it. Not much in my life changed except for work, which did get extremely busy, but not depression-inducingly so. I was more tired, working more hours, but otherwise fine. I love my job and my co-workers and we were a well-oiled machine. Then, right before Thanksgiving, my husband tested positive for Covid. And then my daughter did. And then my mom and I did.

We are all doing better. I am still dealing with symptoms and it’s annoying, but I’m vaccinated, so it could have been worse. I did end up with a sort of impromptu vacation with lots of lazing around and sleeping (which is not something I usually let myself do, so in a way that was nice). I’m not going to say that this cured my depression, because it never completely goes away, but it did let my body rest, which in turn forced my mind to rest more than it had been doing. I’m sure that helped. 

I was also able to get some reading done, which was awesome. I get this way about reading sometimes. I love it, but sometimes it’s hard to actually do. I get the idea in my head that it’s difficult and almost talk myself out of doing it instead of just relaxing with it and enjoying it for what it is. Very strange, I know, but maybe I’m not the only one. Who knows.

Anyway, this rambling post is just my way of saying that I am trying to come back to reading and blogging in December. I’m starting a few things this month, sort of a mini warm up to actual New Year’s Resolutions. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m hoping it means that I will have another September instead of another November.

Hope you all have been doing well. I’ve missed you!

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