Daily OM: Lesson #11 – Rituals

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Welcome back to Daily OM’s Year of Writing to Uncover the Authentic Self. Or, as I like to call it, I will be lucky if I get through all the prompts in three years, but I’m still gonna do it as much as I can.

This week’s topic has been something of a goal of mine. I think most people, when they hear the word “ritual,” think of it in a religious or spiritual connotation, but that’s not necessarily what this prompt is about. This is about any rituals we have, whether they are daily or otherwise. These can be used for many different reasons: something to help keep you grounded, to bring peace, to carry on a tradition, etc.

I’ve been trying for the past couple of months to create and stick with a good daily morning ritual. Nothing super fancy, just making sure that I have breakfast, take my vitamins, and have a nice quiet time to prepare myself for the day ahead. For a while, I was trying to incorporate exercise or some form of physical movement into it, but then I had another fibromyalgia flare-up, so that stopped. I find it easier to keep up with a morning ritual during the week, when my mornings are quiet because everyone either A). has left for work, or B). is still asleep. Weekends are harder to focus because it’s just more hectic with people around.

That’s a true statement, just in general. I’d make such a good hermit.

At some point, I do want to take up a spiritual practice again. I used to be religious and go to church regularly when I was younger, but that fell by the wayside as I started having a lot of disagreements with the church in question. I had started following an earth-based pagan-ish spirituality several years ago but eventually that also fell by the wayside. It might be nice to put together a quick daily ritual that I could use to help center and ground myself a bit more.

What are some rituals that you like to use? Any advice for someone who is trying to build one?

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