Snow Day!

I know it isn’t much compared to some parts of the world, but we got snow! I grew up in South Florida, so snow is always a big deal for me. We also got a lot of sleet and ice, so work for me today has been cancelled. Yay!

The kitties formed a truce and sat on the piano to watch the snow fall.
Other kitties must have come to visit last night. We couldn’t leave food out for them because it got too wet and froze.
Our garden gnomes and squirrel look so cold!

It’s about 30° F outside right now (not sure what that is in C, but for us it’s just below freezing), so I am perfectly happy to stay inside my nice warm house. Snow is pretty to look at but I’m not a huge fan of going outside and doing anything in it. My husband is home today too, as is my kiddo, so we might play games or something.

Anyway, I’ll back to my normally scheduled blogs tomorrow, but today I just wanted to show you guys our little snow storm.

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  1. Enjoy! I am in Canada, so I wish I still got excited about snow 😂 I love the little cat prints in the snow!

  2. I love playing in snow, but we didn’t have the right snow to play in. Snow rarely happens even in North Carolina. I love snow- not just playing but also looking- love the sight of it, a beautiful sight

  3. I hope you had a nice snow day!

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