Weekly Wrap-Up – August 13, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up

Hey y’all! Guess who had a productive week of blogging! This girl!

It’s felt really good too. I’ve been trying to be more productive in general lately, but it has been a struggle. Depression really likes to sap the energy right out of you. Working through it the best I can, which means pushing myself to not just sit on my butt after getting home. Or if I am going to sit on my butt, at least do something productive while I’m doing so. Like blogging!

Let’s see, what all has been going on since the last time I posted one of these updates? We went on our family vacation a couple weeks ago, which was a lot of fun. We went to Las Vegas, drove through Death Valley and Yosemite National Parks, then finished up our trip in San Francisco. I had been to Las Vegas once, briefly, many years ago, but had never been to any of the other places. It was my first time to California at all! Other than San Francisco, the other places were horribly hot (Death Valley got its name for a reason!) but San Francisco was absolutely heavenly and, honestly, might be one of my new favorite cities. We were there for only three days and barely scratched the surface of exploring the place.

Other than that, it’s mostly just been back to work as usual. Gearing up for the next school year, where my kiddo will be starting her junior year of high school. We are homeschooling again, partly because of COVID and partly because it is just easier to manage her health and anxiety issues without a regular school schedule. It’s hard to believe she only has two years of grade school left. Not sure what she’s going to do next, but she has a few ideas. Another thing I can’t believe: my stepson will be leaving in two weeks . . . for college! He’s moving away to Vermont and it will be very strange not having him around. I’m gonna miss that goober!

Oh, there was one thing that I wanted to ask for some feedback about. I’ve mentioned before on this blog that one of the things I do to help relax is crochet. This is all well and good, but the problem is . . . see, I already have so many scarves and such. They take up a lot of space and I already have closets and drawers full of stuff that I’ve made. So I had an idea. Once upon a time, I tried to have an Etsy store and sell some of my stuff. It didn’t really go well, since I have no idea how to market my wares or spread the word. I still have everything set up though, just no products yet. What I would like to do is maybe during my Weekly Wrap-Ups here, I could share one of the items I made and put it up on Etsy. I have quite a few people who read my blog (thank you so much!) so if you could possibly share some of my Etsy posts, I would really appreciate it. None of the stuff will be expensive – this isn’t really to make money, more to just find homes for some of these things. It would primarily be accessories: scarves, hats, fingerless gloves, maybe some jewelry. 

Anyway, that’s as always for continuing to follow my blog, even when I don’t really post all that much. I’m going to try and do better! Promise! Pinky swear! To conclude, here are a few pictures from my trip. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you all on Monday!

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