Weekly Wrap-Up – February 5, 2o21

Weekly Wrap-Up

Y’all, I am so glad it’s Friday. This week has been exhausting.

Work has been busy. We do a lot with helping groups to fundraise – groups like school sports teams or church organizations, that sort of thing. Usually fall is our biggest season, but last year was a bit less than usual due to COVID and so many things being shut down. Spring is also usually pretty busy, but last spring business was nearly non-existent. So we are expecting this spring to be a bit hectic, both from people who had to cancel last spring and people who usually fundraise in the fall but had to postpone. I can feel it starting to uptick in my workload, but thankfully I enjoy the work and enjoy what we do to help out in the community.

I doesn’t mean that I’m not tired though.

I also started trying to walk more this week. I have a Fitbit and realized that just with the amount of walking I do at work, I can almost always get between 4000 and 5000 steps. That’s not bad! So I started getting on the treadmill in the morning before work and also stopping by the park on my lunch break to take walks. That has jumped my step count up considerably so that I could easily get over 8000. Yesterday is the first time I broke 9000. Trying to get up to that 10,000 step threshold, but it’s hard. I’m sure that total will drop over the weekend when I’m not running around the office as much, but that’s okay. I’ve done good this week and I can try to keep it going into next week.

It’s also helped that I’ve cut out eating fast food at lunch, I’m sure.

I’ve also started trying to get back crafting again. I used to do a lot of crochet and cross stitch but stopped doing it recently because it was easier to just zone out on the couch in front of YouTube. I have a gigantic cross stitch project in the works that I started a couple years ago, I think, and last weekend I started working on it again.

This is the panel that I’m working on. It is page 4 of a pattern that is 20 pages in total. I told you it was gigantic!

This is the full width of the thing.

A sample of the pattern. I’ve had to color in the stitches I’ve already done so I can keep track of where I am. It’s pretty intense. I honestly can’t remember exactly when I started this, but it’s been a long time. I really want to finish this panel and move on to the next one.

Image result for jessica galbreth magic happens

This is the artwork that the pattern is based on. Just to give you an idea of how far I have left to go. It’s a lot.

That’s it from me today. Time to head into work and finish up so I can start my weekend!

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7 replies

  1. This wasn’t an easy week. However- starting to return knitting, an old habit I want toe eventually start up again

  2. Oh my goodness! That cross stitch piece is gorgeous. I have a giant cross stitch piece I keep wanting to start but end up sticking to smaller ones because it’s overwhelming for me. I’m excited for you and it’s inspired me to think about starting it ❤

  3. I hope you have a great week comnig! Your cross stitch looks amazing!


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