NOSTALGIC READS: Too Good to Be True

Nostalgic Reads

Title: Too Good to Be True

Too Good To Be TrueAuthor: Francine Pascal, Kate William

Series: Sweet Valley High #11

Blurb: A devil in disguise.

The Wakefield twins are wild with excitement. Glamorous, sophisticated Susan Devlin is coming to Sweet Valley from New York City. For two weeks, Elizabeth will show her around town while Jessica has the time of her life in New York.

At first, Suzanne seems to be the most perfect girl in the world. She’s beautiful and friendly and not the least bit stuck-up. All the boys of Sweet Valley are absolutely crazy about her. But when Suzanne accuses Mr. Collins of trying to seduce her, Elizabeth knows there’s more to Suzanne than meets the eye.

Review: We are back in sunny Sweet Valley, California! I’ve missed the Wakefield girls!

This book is broken up into two parts: Jessica’s time in New York City and Elizabeth’s time with Suzanne Devlin. I can honestly say that I never knew anyone like Suzanne when I was in high school – ever. Of course, I never knew anyone who was quite as rich as her family is or who has spent time in European boarding schools either. Suzanne is a really terrible, two faced villain and hates not getting her way so much, she is willing to ruin lives if someone crosses her. Like spreading the story that Mr. Collins tried to assault her in order to get him fired, all because he wouldn’t respond to HER advances. Because of course he wouldn’t. He’s a teacher and a good guy. Don’t go after Mr. Collins, now!

Of course, eventually Suzanne shows her true colors and everyone rejects her. We have enough catty characters in these books without adding someone who is truest evil.

Also, naming the evil character with the last name “Devlin” – subtle, you guys.

Speaking of catty, let’s talk about Jessica, who spends the book learning just how not-worldly and not-sophisticated she really is. No matter how highly she thinks of herself, she is no match for the Devlins and their high society bunch, especially not Pete, Suzanne’s boyfriend who Jessica flirts with and who tries to take things way too far. I think the whole experience brought Jessica down a few pegs, although she was right back to her old tricks once she got back to Sweet Valley. That girl will never learn.

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