Weekly Wrap-Up – 9/13/19

Weekly Wrap-Up



It has been a week!

I’ll start off with the first thing that has been informing pretty much my entire week and everything I have been able to do: I was almost run over by a car. Don’t worry too much. It didn’t hit me and I’m mostly fine, but I did hurt myself. I woke up early on Saturday morning and felt inspired. I had just gotten my Fitbit (with the cute cat face watch) and decided I would get up and go for a walk in my neighborhood. It was a beautiful morning, a bit crisp, very pleasant. Our neighborhood is excellent for walking. A few gentle hills, nice wide streets. You almost always see people out getting exercise with their earbuds in, walking their dogs, pushing kids in strollers, etc. In short, seeing someone walking along the side of the road in my mellow suburban neighborhood is not a surprising occurrence.

I headed out, proud of myself for getting my steps in early, and got to about a half mile away from my house. Then, a giant white SUV turns a corner and pelts down the road towards me. It comes within inches of hitting me. I jump out of the way and my left foot hits the uneven ground right where the pavement transitions into grass. It twists out from under me, I fall to the ground, jam my knee into the pavement, and then roll/slide down into the slight ditch on the side of the road.

The SUV does not stop, doesn’t slow down, just continues barreling down the road and disappearing.

I lay on the side of the road and cry for a bit before getting up and hobbling back home. No one in my house was awake yet. Nothing was broken or majorly injured, but I twisted my left ankle pretty bad and my right knee looked like raw hamburger meat. Luckily I wasn’t wearing shorts – I was wearing lightweight sweatpants – or that would have been worse. And then the fibromyalgia flared up. I missed two and a half days at work trying to get all the pain under control.

I’m better today. My ankle is close to normal, although my knee still hurts. I’ll probably have an impressive scar by the time it all heals up. It’s been hard to sleep this week, so I’m also super tired on top of everything else. Good times. I was able to get some reading in, but not much. It’s why Chapter-A-Long was on hiatus this week. It also might push back the first episode of the podcast, but that will depend on how I’m feeling this weekend.

That said, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I’ll be around and will definitely update things if the podcast gets finished.


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  1. Oh no! That’s terrible. I’m glad you’re mostly okay though 💕


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