Nostalgic Reads – Dear Sister

Nostalgic Reads

38601Title: Dear Sister

Author: Francine Pascal / Kate William

Series: Sweet Valley High #7

Blurb: Sweet Valley is stunned by the news: Beautiful young Elizabeth Wakefield lies in a coma, on the brink of death after a horrible motorcycle accident. Elizabeth’s boyfriend Todd is consumed by guilt; he was driving and escaped unharmed. He feels totally helpless. All he can do is wait for a change in Elizabeth’s condition–a change that might mean the loss of the only girl he’s ever loved.
But no one is more shattered than Elizabeth’s twin, Jessica. As she keeps watch over the silent body of her sister, she’s overwhelmed by despair. Without Elizabeth, can life go on?

Review: See, this is actually really funny, because the blurb for this book doesn’t really go into what the book is about at all. Elizabeth wakes up from the coma in the first few chapters and has relatively few side effects from being in a coma in the first place. What does happen is that Elizabeth starts acting a lot like Jessica – very flirtatious, very wild, shirking responsibilities left and right. Breaks up with Todd and stops hanging out with Enid because they are too boring. Jessica even thinks about how Elizabeth is now acting just like the wrong twin.

Oddly enough, Jessica is annoyed to all hell about Elizabeth’s behavior, even after noting this, but I am guessing that it won’t change how she acts at all in later books.

This is a classic soap opera amnesia story, although Elizabeth doesn’t really lose her memory, just her identity, which is restored with another hit to the head. It’s all a bit goofy, but it’s also really funny watching Jessica attempt to be the responsible twin. She doesn’t like it AT ALL. It’s also a bit funny watching Elizabeth fall head over heels with Bruce Patman, of all people, since she can’t stand him normally. And by funny, I mean really uncomfortable, since Bruce Patman is a terrible human being.

Of course, by the end of the book, Elizabeth is back to normal and makes up with Todd, who forgives her immediately for how she treated him when she was not herself. That sentence is a lot more confusing in a book about twins.

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  1. Reading the events that happened in this book through your review was h i l a r i o u s! This book honestly sounds so absurd but in a good way. And I have heard people discuss this series as something that triggers nostalgia for them. I, personally, have never read it though. This was such a funny and great review!

    • “Absurd in a good way” kind of sums up this whole series. I read these back when I was 12 or so and thought they were really cool back then. It’s fun to go back and read them as an adult. Very nostalgic – things were so simple back then!

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