Nostalgic Reads – Dangerous Love

Nostalgic Reads

img_0620Title: Dangerous Love

Author: Francine Pascal, Kate William

Series: Sweet Valley High #6

BlurbThe end of the road for Todd and Elizabeth?

One of the strictest rules in the Wakefield house is “No motorcycles.” Ever since their cousin was killed in a crash, Elizabeth and Jessica have been forbidden to go near them. So when Elizabeth’s boyfriend Todd drives up on a shiny new Yamaha, she knows there’s trouble ahead. She can’t ride Todd’s bike, but other girls can and do. And sight of those girls riding with their arms around Todd is making Elizabeth crazy with jealousy. Todd tells her not to worry, but Elizabeth’s scared of losing him. Will Todd’s new bike drive them apart?

Review: This one is actually a bit tricky for me because I grew up around motorcycles. My parents were part of a motorcycle club and went on rides all the time. My dad had a few different bikes while I was growing up and I got to ride with him many times. I will say that it was a bit scary, especially since I was so small at the time, but my dad was a very good driver and always made sure we were safe.

Did I also know about friends of theirs who got in terrible accidents? Of course. We couldn’t drive by an accident where a motorcycle was involved without worrying that it was someone we knew. I have a cousin who was in a bad motorcycle accident and has been in a wheelchair ever since. But it also bothers me when people just vilify motorcycles all together. Elizabeth even points out the fact that yes, motorcycles can be dangerous, but so are cars – how many people die in car accidents? – and no one gives that a second thought.

But after having a death in the family, it does make sense for the Wakefields to feel super cautious. I get that. It was a tragedy. And Todd is understanding, although I really didn’t like the fact that now he’s offering rides to every other girl at school practically. It makes Elizabeth feel like she can be replaced at any moment.

Oh, and this rule about motorcycles? Pretty much the only rule Jessica actually agrees with. So there’s that.

There’s a ton of drama where Elizabeth gets jealous of girls riding with Todd, but Todd gets jealous when Elizabeth catches a ride with another guy. Seriously, dude, what is she supposed to do? Finally, Todd decides to sell the bike because he doesn’t like it coming between them, which leads Elizabeth to the decision of taking one ride with him. She’s stranded otherwise, or has to wait for Jessica to pick her up. Here’s the thing though – Todd doesn’t have her helmet with him. Didn’t think he’d need it. So they take off, her with no helmet, and that is so unbelievably stupid. You never, never, never do that.

Because these books are super predictable, they in an accident with a drunk driver. Ironically, the same guy Todd was going to sell the bike to. This is the first SVH book that ends on a cliffhanger. Elizabeth is in a coma in the hospital. Her parents initially blame Todd for everything, which Todd does as well. They all come to the conclusion that the choice has been Elizabeth’s to make and she can be pretty headstrong about things. So no one is angry anymore. Just worried that Liz might die.

So this book is taking on a pretty serious situation, one that could have long-lasting consequences. It marks a bit of a change to the silliness and frivolous nature of the previous books.

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