Weekly Wrap-Up – 5/10/19

Weekly Wrap-Up

Whew! This has been a crazy week for me! Work has been much more hectic than usual, between training a new employee and also getting training myself to cover another employee that is going out on medical leave. I’ve felt a bit pulled in many directions all at once, but I think we’re all good now.

It’s meant a bit less reading and a bit less blogging, which is unfortunate since that is one of my big stress relieving activities. I love talking about books, what can I say! I’ve also been spending a lot of time with my daughter, who is fourteen and has had a lot of issues that we are dealing with. I don’t remember if I mentioned it here (I think I did, but don’t trust my memory), but we did have to pull her out of school and home school her for the rest of the year. It has been very challenging, but I just ordered her end of grade exams from a testing service and once she finishes those, we are done for the year. Very much looking forward to that! It has been a roller coaster, that’s for sure!

Reading log:

  • I read the first five chapters of Art of Death by Becca Vincenza. This one is for a blog tour coming up towards the end of this month.
  • I read the first six chapters of The Bone Charmer by Breeana Shields. Another blog tour book for this month.
  • I read Chapter 14 of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling.
  • I read The New Girl by R.L. Stine for a Nostalgic Reads post, which you can see here. I love these because I can knock out an entire book in usually about an hour.

And . . . that’s really it? I only started those two books so that I could finish them in a timely manner for the tours. If not for that, and the Nostalgic post, I may not have read anything this week. Seeing that brings on the fears of another dreaded reading slump, but I don’t want to start thinking that way. I’ve been doing so much better and having so much fun. No backsliding!

I am hoping to get another Harry Potter Chapter-A-Long post up today, but I’m starting to wonder if I need to quit trying so hard on those. My original goal was to have one up every day, but that was when I was attempting to finish one HP book per month, and that’s definitely not going to happen with Goblet of Fire if I want to keep doing the Chapter-A-Long posts. I’ve gotten some positive feedback on those, so I’m guessing y’all enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them. It would obviously be easier if they went to being a once per week deal, but that would take FOREVER to get through the whole series. So I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.

I’m also planning on getting another Nostalgic Reads post up this weekend – heading back to Sweet Valley! That’s only if I can find a copy of the next book. Due to crazy week (see above), I forgot to look for one in advance like I usually do. If I can’t find it, I’ll come up with something else.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  1. I’m hoping to listen to more of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this weekend. Re-reading them has been so much fun! My work has also been crazy, so I’m excited for it to die down soon. Happy reading!

  2. I hear you about work. I’m still in training and actually helped train a new hire. I hope things work out with the home schooling. I ended up doing that with my son for his last year. Challenging but it was the right thing for him.

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