Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Chapter 4 (#PotterheadReadAlong19)

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In Chapter 4, the Weasleys come to pick up Harry and chaos ensues. Let’s go!

I adore the Weasleys so much. They are my all-time favorite fictional family. No one else even comes close. They are the absolute best.

Harry is all packed up and ready to go. He had told the Dursleys when the Weasleys were coming, and things are pretty tense right now. Uncle Vernon wants to know what type of car they drive (since he’s the type who judges people by how expensive their car is) and Harry doesn’t know. Their last car lives in the Forbidden Forest now, so who knows if they’ve gotten another one. Actually, Harry has no idea how they are coming, and the fact that he can’t tell Vernon that makes Vernon all the more uptight.

I love when the Dursleys are scared. Does that make me a bad person? I just think that they deserve to be as uncomfortable as possible.

Also, Dudley is beyond nervous and actually terrified. He remembers his last encounter with a wizard ended with a pig tail sticking out of his rear end, which then had to be surgically removed. Oh, Hagrid. So yeah, Dudley is spending this entire day with his hands on his behind to protect it.

The time for the Weasleys arrival finally comes . . . and goes. They are late, which really ticks Vernon off. He and Petunia keep looking out the window for a car to pull up when suddenly, there is a large sound coming from the fireplace. The boarded-up fireplace.

“Ouch! Fred, no — go back, go back, there’s been some kind of mistake — tell George not to — OUCH! George, no, there’s no room, go back quickly and tell Ron –”

“Maybe Harry can hear us, Dad — maybe he’ll be able to let us out –”

There was a loud hammering of fists on the boards behind the electric fire.

“Harry? Harry, can you hear us?”

The Weasleys have tried to travel by Floo powder into a fireplace that is boarded up and has an electric fire. And now they are stuck. Harry explains all this to them (Mr. Weasley is very excited to see an electric fire — it has a plug!) and Mr. Weasley has to basically blast them out of the wall. The Dursleys are not amused and, in fact, think that the Weasleys are absolutely crazy. Mr. Weasley, bless him, tries to speak kindly to Dudley, who just whimpers in fright. I think Mr. Weasley probably thinks the Dursleys are just as bizarre as they do of him.

The twins are here, though, and that means there is always time for a prank. As Fred is helping to carry Harry’s trunk, he “accidentally” spills his pocketful of candy. He scoops them all up, but “accidentally” misses one that Dudley, starved from his diet, immediately finds and scarfs down. It is never a good idea to eat something that Fred and George provide. NEVER EVER!

Dudley was no longer standing behind his parents. He was kneeling beside the coffee table, and he was gagging and sputtering on a foot-long, purple, slimy thing that was protruding from his mouth. One bewildered second later, Harry realized that the foot-long thing was Dudley’s tongue — and that a brightly colored toffee wrapper lay on the floor before him.

Vernon and Petunia panic, trying to pull the weird thing out of Dudley’s mouth, which since it’s his tongue, doesn’t work very well. Mr. Weasley tries to help, saying he can fix it, but Vernon doesn’t want any help at this point. He throws a china figure at Mr. Weasley’s head, and Mr. Weasley tells Harry to leave so he can fix everything. And so Harry leaves and heads to the Burrow, ready to spend the rest of his summer with the Weasleys.

See you next time for Chapter 5!

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