Wake up, it’s Monday . . . 12/17/18

It’s nearly 3:00 PM as I’m writing this, so I assume that most people are up by now, although I suppose that could be up for debate. I am up and at work, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m 100% awake! The past month or so has been brutal in that regard. Part of it has to do with some upheaval in my day job (which has thankfully led to a slight raise, a promotion, and increased job stability for me at least), part is due to being in another community theater show, and part is due to my kiddo having some issues that has definitely made me lose some sleep.

And now it’s almost Christmas. How the heck did that happen?

I am spending my time now trying to figure out presents for two teenagers (how the heck did THAT happen???) who really don’t need anything, as well as presents for two adults (my husband and my mom) who mean the world to me in ways that no gift wrapped box can express. Both will tell me that they don’t need anything, but that’s not the point of Christmas presents! I have something for the hubby, so he’s taken care of, and I know he will like it because ever since he found boardgaming as a hobby, he is ridiculously easy to shop for.

My last show is Wednesday, so after that sleeping should be a bit easier, or at least, I won’t be out quite so late. And after this week, I will have some time off of work the week of Christmas, so that will also be helpful.

In other news, I am working on a new blog/web project that will hopefully kick off sometime in the New Year. So keep an eye out for that. It should be fun, but I’m also a little nervous about it. We’ll see how it goes!

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  1. Looking forward to your new project. Enjoy your week and your family time.

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