July Blogging Challenge: Day 5

Day 5 – 5 senses check in

I see . . .

my nightstand, which is surprisingly clear of junk, although my lamp is a bit dusty. On it is my bottle of medication, so that I remember to take them in the morning, along with a bottle of Doterra Breathe oil from when I was sick last week.

I hear . . .

Lots of crickets outside. I also hear the occasional creaking of my daughter’s bed across the hall. Some traffic sounds carry from the nearby highway, but they are very distant and barely noticeable.

I smell . . .

The remnants of the candle I had burning downstairs, the smoke from the wick that I just blew out.

I taste . . .

Cinnamon flavored toothpaste.

I feel . . .

The soft sheets and blankets of my bed underneath me. The hard plastic of my phone’s case in my hand as I type this into the WordPress app.

Sometimes it is a good thing to just break everything down into five senses. It’s a pretty good meditation exercise, really makes you focus and center yourself. Give it a try sometime!

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