Felicia Day and Human Behavior

Happy Thursday, folks! I have enjoyed the holidays, but I will be glad to be back on a normal schedule again. I barely know what day it is any more.

So as I mentioned in my WWW post yesterday, I read Felicia Day’s memoir, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost). I will probably do a proper review tomorrow, because what I want to talk about today doesn’t have anything to do with the book.

I am a big fan of Felicia’s. I loved The Guild more than most things, I enjoy the videos on her YouTube channel, Geek & Sundry (I’m watching some as I’m writing this post). She always seemed like a very nice person, with a goofy and slightly neurotic personality that I felt was very similar to my own. You know when you follow a famous person and feel like you know them, even though you’ve never met or spoken or anything? I feel that way about her.

Does that sound creepy? I hope not. I didn’t mean it creepily.

Anyway, I was flipping through my Twitter feed a couple of days ago and saw the following post from Felicia:

She’s coming in about three weeks so I guess I should announce this and stuff.

Along with a picture of her pointing to her very obvious pregnant belly.

I was so surprised! It was like hearing exciting news from a distant friend. I was stunned that she was able to keep it secret for this long, because Hollywood just has a way of exploiting things like crazy. But most of all, I was really happy for her

The next day, I was on Facebook and saw that she was listed as trending. No surprise, since she had just dropped a bombshell of an announcement the day before. I don’t usually click on the trending stuff, but I was curious to see if there was any more info (since all she really said was that the baby was a girl). I was very surprised to see some of the posts.

I know this is the Internet and that as such, no one should ever read the comments about anything ever, but it really made me sad to see what people were posting about Felicia. Several people posted along the lines of, “who the hell is this person and why does anyone care if she’s pregnant,” or “ugh, I hate her and her baby.” There was one person who made speculation about why she “hid” the information about her pregnancy, that maybe she was ashamed of it for some reason. And those were the mild posts.

What the hell, people?

I don’t understand this. At all. I know it happens all the time against all different kinds of people from all walks of life, but I absolutely hate that this has become the norm for our Internet interactions. If I saw a celebrity that I wasn’t familiar with had posted something like this, I would just ignore it. It has nothing to do with me. Or, if there was a lot of buzz about someone, I might post something on Facebook asking my friends who the person was. I’d be curious maybe, depending on the news, but not in a negative way. Or even if the news was about a celebrity who I don’t particularly like, say Justin Bieber or someone like that, I still wouldn’t post a big ol’ negative post. What is the point?

Trolling has become what the Internet is for and that makes me so unbelievably sad. It’s beyond wondering why we can’t all get along, or at least treat others as you would like to be treated. I will never understand the mentality of someone making personal attacks and insults to someone who just wanted to post a baby announcement. I know Felicia has experienced this sort of thing many times before, but I’m sure that it is never easy to deal with. I went from feeling happy for her to just feeling sad. No one should have to deal with such negativity while getting ready to experience one of the most important things in her life.

She probably won’t see this, because I am pretty much a nobody on the Interwebz, but Felicia, I wish you all the best with your baby girl. You are going to be an awesome mom!


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