Book Review: Black Heart by Holly Black

Today’s review is not only a great book, but the final book in a really good series. It’s also one of the series that I set out to complete this year! Yay!

black heart

I’ve talked about these books before, this blending of urban fantasy and mobster story, and the last book doesn’t disappoint. Things are getting more and more complicated Cassel Sharpe as more and more people find out for sure what he is. Officially, he’s working with a branch the federal government, trying to help them further the cause of worker rights, but when they come up with a crazy scheme that could lead to Cassel being framed for a major crime, he has to think twice. He also has his mother to consider – his mother who had attempted a working on the governor himself and is now being hunted down. She’s under the protection of Zacharov, the crime family that had offered Cassel a job, that he had turned his back on.

Again, everything in these books is precarious. You never know who is going to do what, who is on your side, and who is scheming to bring you down. It makes it very hard to put the books down. There aren’t any more books listed in the series on GoodReads, but it has been left open just enough that there could be something down the road. I really hope there is. There was a little bit of a “riding off into the sunset” feeling to the end of the book, but with curse workers, nothing is ever that simple. So I guess we’ll see.

But for now, I have finished this series and I highly recommend all of the books therein. Very, very good stuff.

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