Bad Guys vs. Good Guys

So one of the best things about having kids is getting to go to kid movies without looking out of place. I saw this preview when we went to see Brave and, since I have always enjoyed video games, I thought it looked like fun. I am speaking of the movie Wreck-It Ralph.

The movie had me from the first scene, which is an overview of Ralph’s life. He is the bad guy in the video game “Fix-It Felix” and as such, he spends every day trying to destroy the building that was built over his old home. The residents of the building are all terrified of him and hero worship Felix, the good guy of the game who fixes everything the Ralph destroys. But this isn’t the first scene. The scene is Ralph telling his story to an AA style support group called Bad Anon. All of our favorite villains are there – Bowser, Zombies, Satan (“it’s pronounced ‘Say-teen'” – that made me laugh so hard!), Robotnik, and even the Pac-Man ghosts.

Ralph is tired of being the bad guy and decides to try and win a hero medal to prove himself to the residents of the “Fix-It Felix” game. I loved how the characters could travel to different games in the arcade through a train system that meets at “Game Central Station,” conveniently located in a power strip. Several things will make any classic gamer laugh. Like having Sonic the Hedgehog giving safety ads. Seeing the cast of Q-Bert sitting off to the side with a sign that says, “Game unplugged. Homeless. Please help.” This is another place where I laughed out loud. How often do you get a Q-Bert reference?

So Ralph ends up in a game called “Hero’s Duty” and tries to win. It’s one of those violent shoot-em-up games and stars Jane Lynch as the superior officer who leads the player through the battle. She is hilarious as always. Ralph gets his medal, but then looses it when he accidentally ends up in a game called “Sugar Rush,” a racing game through a candy filled world. There he meets Vanellope, a young girl who wants to race but can’t because she’s a glitch and could ruin the game. All of the racers, including King Candy, do everything possible to keep her out. She and Ralph become friends and agree to help each other, but Ralph accidentally brought one of the evil bug robots from “Hero’s Duty” with him, and it threatens the whole arcade.

I thought this movie was a lot of fun and really clever. Lots of action, maybe a few too many potty jokes, but over all enjoyable. The kids really liked it as well. Here’s the trailer for it:

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