Halloween Shenanigans

Happy Halloween! Last night my daughter, my stepson, my stepson’s mom, my mom and I all went out trick or treating. It was fun, although a bit cold. I will, of course, post a picture as soon as I get them from my husband. He was the smart one – staying in the nice warm house giving out candy. Our neighborhood is a wonderful one to go trick or treating in. There are a lot of kids and families that live there and lots of people go all out in decorating their houses. Our kids came home with more candy than should be legal.

And the costumes – well, the costumes sort of kept changing. First my daughter wanted to be a vampire. Then she wanted to be this scary character she saw somewhere online called “the white girl.” I have no idea what that is. Then she was back to being a vampire, so we finally got a nice black velvety dress with silvery trim (bargain bin at K-Mart!) and make up to do her face very white and black. And teeth, of course. During the process of getting ready, she decided that she didn’t like how the teeth felt in her mouth. So instead of being a vampire, she decided to just be a “goth girl.” Um, okay kid. Whatever makes you happy.

My stepson wore a pair of black sweatpants, a black shirt with skeleton bones on it, a pair of gloves with skeleton hands on it, and a Scream mask. Only halfway through trick or treating he decided that the mask was too uncomfortable, so he took that off and said that instead of Scream, he was an “evil necromancer.” He seemed a bit miffed that no one was able to guess what he was. Oh well. The mask kept going off and on until we needed it to store extra candy because his bucket was too small to hold it all.

Hope everyone had a nice Halloween! We have enough candy now to last until next year. *sigh*

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  1. Only your children would know about goth and necromacer. Glad it was fun.

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