Les Mis Forever!

So . . . the first trailer for the new Les Miserables movie is out.

First thing you need to know – I have loved this musical ever since middle school. Yes, I realize that the story is a bit deep for a thirteen year old, but what can I say. I fell in love with the music, with the characters, with everything. I did try to read the novel, probably when I was in high school, but barely made it through. That thing is huge! I’ll have to try it again sometime. When I first heard they were making this into a movie, I was excited. And then I was concerned. Until I heard the cast list.

Hugh Jackman as Valjean? Bring it.

Russell Crowe as Javert? As long as he can sing well enough (I’ve never heard him), he definitely has the acting chops for it.

Anne Hathaway as Fantine? I adore her!

Sasha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter as the Thenardiers? Holy cow, what perfect casting!

So I am cautiously optimistic about this, especially after seeing the trailer. It looks like they’ve captured the essence of the show perfectly. I’m sure there have been some cuts, and usually that’s where my complaints lie whenever a longer work is being reduced for film. But so far, it looks wonderful.

In other news, Camp NaNoWriMo started today. One day in and I already have 2,090 words. Pretty good, considering that my daily goal is only 1,667. I’m trying to get extra words in per day before I get burned out. We’ll see how well that works out.

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