Yay Minta!

I’m so happy for my friend Minta Hall! Her first book, The Magician of Wall Street was released this week from Entangled Publishing. It’s so exciting and I’m so happy for her!

Minta is one of the members of my writing group and seeing one of us have success is really inspiring. It gives me hope that one day my own writing might see the light of day. I can’t say enough about my writing group. There are six of us, each one writing very different stories. It has encouraged me to keep writing, to write more on a schedule even when life gets crazy. They are rough critics, but fair. Every one of their suggestions has helped make my writing better. They are also a great support group, making me feel better when I start doubting myself.

I found my writing group through Meetup.Com, but there are other places to look as well – bookstores, libraries, local universities. I think having a writing group is extremely helpful for anyone who is serious about producing a manuscript that is fit to print.

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  1. Enjoyed Magician of Wall Street very much. How great to have someone like her to brain storm with during your writers group.

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