You guys remember that post when I asked for help deciding what to read next? Well, that went completely up in the air because I forgot that the third book in a series that I absolutely love was getting released. It came out last week and so, of course, I had to run out and get it. And then re-read the first two books so I would have everything fresh in my mind.

I am referring to the Shadow World series by Dianne Sylvan. Like I said, there are three books so far (and a fourth one on the way!!!): Queen of Shadows, Shadowflame, and the newly released Shadow’s Fall. There are many reasons why I love this series. For starters, I love, love, LOVE her take on vampires. Vampires are the big thing and have been for a few years now, but Sylvan takes a whole new spin on them that was brilliant. These are not mopey, emo, “oh-woe-is-me-i’m-undead” vampires. These are powerful beings who are very sure of their place in society. The world is divided up into territories, each ruled by a Prime who is not only responsible for the vampires in their realm, but the humans as well. The story takes place in Austin, Texas, the headquarters of the Prime of the Southern United States, David Solomon.

Here’s why David is awesome. Not only is he absolutely gorgeous (are vampires allowed to be ugly?), but he is also incredibly smart. The technology he has created in order to track the vampires in the city and to communicate with the vampires in his employ is intricate and, frankly, I would understand none of it. But it works. He has several computers and servers and gigabytes of data, records, and other information. He’s a technology geek! And it’s awesome!

The main character is Miranda Grey, a human who is a local musician. She has many problems, one of which is that she is able to feel the emotions of the people around her. She uses this power to influence the people who come to hear her perform, but it quickly becomes overwhelming. Then one night she is attacked by a group of men in an alley and David finds her and saves her. He brings her to his headquarters, the Haven, and helps her to heal, physically and emotionally. As you can probably guess, this leads to them falling in love and to Miranda becoming a vampire herself.

There’s a lot more to the series, of course, but I don’t want to give anything away. Let’s just say that there is mystery, romance, political intrigue, and the coolest vampires ever put on paper that kick some serious ass. There are friends who would die to protect you and friends who never show what their true motives are. The last book ended with such a cliffhanger, I am DYING to read the next one, which will hopefully come out sometime next year. If you like vampire books, you will like this series. It is sharp, witty, and intelligent.

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