Weekly Wrap-Up – December 9, 2022

Weekly Wrap-Up

I am going to keep this week’s wrap up fairly short, as I didn’t really plan on what to say. This week has been better blog-wise (as in I actually posted – huzzah!) but has been difficult in other ways. Been dealing with some fibro flares that have made it hard to walk a lot over the past couple of days. Not fun, but I’m hoping it’s temporary. I also seem to have injured my left food. Not sure how. It’s not like I’m super active. Hoping that clears up soon as well.

Got my TBTB Secret Santa package sent off this week. Took me a bit longer than expected for some of the stuff to get here, but I really hope she likes it. 

And finally, the big news for my blog – this happened last night.

2022 reading challenge complete

Yay! I was pretty sure it was going to happen, but it was still really cool when I posted that last book finished. The year isn’t over yet, so there will be more books added to this list before we’re through.

Hope everyone had a good week this week and have a wonderful weekend!

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