Daily OM: Lesson #6 – Beginnings

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Happy Monday everyone! Welcome back (finally) to Daily OM and my Year of Writing to Uncover the Authentic Self. Mine might take more than a year, since I’ve fallen a bit behind, but I’m going to try and catch up. I’ve fallen a bit behind in a lot of things, but to be fair, there has been a LOT going on IRL lately and my mental health is not great. It also doesn’t help that I’m really not super excited about this lesson’s topic.


Why is this a hard topic? Not because I don’t like beginnings or starting new things. In fact, I start lots of new things all the time. New diets. New hobbies, New writing features on my blog. I’m great at starting things. I just don’t hold on to them very well. Luckily, the lesson as a few prompts that I do like, so I’m going to start with some of those.

Do I have a favorite hobby and what got me started?

Currently, my favorite hobby is crochet, which I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned on the blog before. Crochet is my favorite hobby and go-to stress and anxiety relief. There is something so satisfying and so simple about taking yarn and a hook, tying intricate knots, and making something beautiful. I love it so much. I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I got started, but I was fairly young. Before I started crochet, I did counted cross stitch. Again, I don’t remember the exact age, but I was in elementary school. I learned both things from my mom after seeing her do them and wanting to do the same. Here are just a few pics of some of my recent projects:

Next question.

Can you think of a time when something bad (such as a breakup, tragedy, or job loss) ended up being the catalyst for a beautiful new beginning?

The first thing that came to mind was my divorce. My first marriage lasted for eight years (which was probably six or seven years too many, but hey, I got my daughter out of the deal, so I win). The divorce itself had been something that had been discussed for a few years before we finally actually did it. I was sad, of course, but I was also very, very relieved. A lot of anxiety and stress was completely gone. After that, things really changed for me. I had been playing around taking a few classes at a local community college (the ex didn’t really want me going back to school to get my degree), but once we were separated, I dove into school, transferred to university and gained so much self-confidence. It wasn’t too long after that that I met someone new, started dating, and eventually got married again. That was almost 14 years ago and we’re still happy as ever.

Anyway, I think that’s going to do it for this particular lesson. I am hoping to get back to doing these because I do thing they are helpful to me. I might try to do them twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, until I’m caught up. We’ll see how that goes.

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