Daily OM: Lesson 4 – Contribution

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Another Friday, another lesson in our Year of Writing to Uncover our Authentic Self. I have to say, I’m rather proud of myself for getting to week 4. I have a really good habit of not following through with things, as many of you know.

This week is about contributions. How do I contribute to the world? I like how the lesson mentions that it is so hard to feel overwhelmed by everything that’s going on out there, to feel like nothing you do makes any difference. There is just too much suffering and it’s hard to do anything to make even a dent in it. It’s part of why I gave up social media for a few months – I just couldn’t take it anymore.

The lesson also mentions how we always feel like we have to make a big difference. Maybe it’s because all of the problems facing us seem so huge in comparison to anything we can actually do. I like how the idea here is to look for small acts, little things you can do to just get some positivity out into the world. There are lots of things we can do, whether it’s random acts of kindness, donating some money (if able) to a local charity, volunteering your time somewhere.

I think this is part of what makes me love my job so much since a lot of what I do is help groups and organizations raise money. And it telescopes out, too. For example, we have a large community theater organization that is currently selling stuff for one of our fundraisers. The money they raise will be going not just towards summer programs for kids, but also towards two other organizations that help feed families in need. Sure, it isn’t completely altruistic because we are getting paid for our services, but we make it very profitable for these groups and also make everything about the process super easy for them. We are a force for good in our community and I absolutely love it.

So if you are talking about ways that I feel that I contribute, that is a big one. I also try to donate money when I can to various places, although I would like to do more of that. I always see people sharing GoFundMe pages on Twitter or fundraisers on Facebook, and I think to myself that I should give something. I don’t always have a lot to give, but I always have some and every bit helps. Then I see something shiny and get distracted, because social media is like that. It’s something I feel like I should do better at, so that gives me a goal to work on.

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