Weekly Wrap-Up – March 12, 2021

Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello lovelies and Happy Friday! This week I’ve been focusing on trying to get back to a more regular reading and blogging schedule and I’ve been mostly successful. I hadn’t quite fallen into a reading slump, but I’ve been a bit down lately and that always impacts how much reading I get done. It’s so much easier to zone out in front of a YouTube video than to try and focus on reading words on a page. Still, I’m on track for my GoodReads goal since I jumped ahead earlier this year. So that’s good. Making slow progress on my other reading goals, but progress nonetheless, so I can’t complain too much.

In personal news, I was able to get my first dose of the COVID vaccine this week. I was hesitant to share that since I know this is a sensitive subject for people, but I also know that the more people I see sharing that they’ve been able to get their shots the more optimistic I feel about life being able to get back to . . . well, probably not normal, but at least better. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been going through this for a year. I recognize that I have been extremely lucky – no one in my family got sick, my husband and I were both able to keep our jobs – but the anxiety of it has still fundamentally changed me in a lot of ways, primarily the way that I feel and react being around other people. This has brought back a lot of my social phobias that I had struggled with in the past and I think that will stick with me for a while after all of this is said and done.

Whew! Didn’t mean to get so serious. Let’s get back to the fun stuff.

As you may have noticed, I have decided to bring back Nostalgic Reads and move it to Mondays on the blog. Sometimes it is difficult to find these books, so I may miss a few, although I’ve been pleasantly surprised that the recent Sweet Valley High books I’ve read were available on Kindle Unlimited. Haven’t checked for The Baby-Sitters Club on there yet, but if they are on there too, that would be awesome! My current plan is still to switch back and forth between those two series with an occasional one off here and there in between. I made a list of series at the beginning of this project, but oh boy, it’s going to take a very long time to get through them all!

Moving Nostalgic Reads to Mondays does mean that there won’t be any content on the blog over the weekend, unless something special happens or if I need to get caught up on reviews. This weekend, I plan on trying to get some projects done around the house as well as jump on some crafty stuff that I have been putting off. Maybe if I get crafty enough, I will have something to share on the next Wrap-Up!

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  1. It really has been a whole damned year hasn’t it. Personally I would’ve never thought anything would shake the world like this in my life time but we are reminded that we’re not that big, but a spec of human infested grain of dirt in the vast biological machine system called universe.

    It’s funny how human minds can normalize things, I catch myself often trying really hard to remember how the world looked like before all this. It was a happier place I’d imagine. But then the resilience and toughness of the human spirit seems unmatched we are still here we will survive this. Don’t pay much attention to the social anxieties love at the end of the day this is the most beautiful day you will ever have. You beat it once, and after a year of mental military training you will do it again.

    I’m glad you’re progressing to your normal reading and blogging schedule. I’m still struggling to find a stable schedule with so much on my plate but I’ve started recording how I spend every single hour to see what is it I’m doing wrong and make a better schedule.

    Positive vibes. Much love and great wishes.

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