Weekly Wrap-Up – 11/20/20

Made it through another week. That feels like an accomplishment these days and I will treat it as such. Made it through another week! Yay!

I’m tired more often than not these days, but you just gotta keep going. There really isn’t another alternative. Despite the seemingly never ending dread that is hovering over everything right now, I am going to focus on some things that made me feel good this week. 

I went walking three days this week in an attempt to get more exercise. Only 20 minutes each time, but with my health and weight issues, I need to start slow. If I do too much and hurt myself, I will get discouraged and quit. Slow and steady.

I started making dedicated lists each morning of things I need or want to do that day. This isn’t new for me – y’all know how much I love a good list – but I’ve been actually following through with most of it. Yesterday was the first day I completed everything on the list and it made me feel so good! It’s broken out into sections: homeschool prep, blogging, reading, house cleaning, crochet, and video games. Yes, video games is on the list too. It’s important to make time for fun.

Also on the list is reading, which means that I actually did some reading this week. This has been a bad year for reading slumps (and, let’s face it, a bad year in general) so every page, every chapter, feels like an accomplishment. I know I won’t hit 50 books this year for my GoodReads goal, but I might make it to 40. We’ll just have to see.

Getting ready to go to work, which has been absolutely crazy the past few weeks, but should hopefully be slowing down a bit, at least on my side of things. Which is good. I need it to. Don’t get me wrong – I love this job. It’s one of the best jobs I’ve ever had, and y’all know I’ve had some terrible jobs in the past. It’s just been really, really hectic and busy with what feels like a million things thrown at me all at once. I could do with a little less of that, thank you very much.

Have a wonderful weekend, my dears!

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  1. I always put fun things on my to do list as well! Sometimes it makes me feel guilty doing something for fun while there are still things on my to do list, so putting the fun things on there helps ahah!


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