Some thoughts about my Chapter-A-Long Project . . .

Sometimes we just can’t have nice things.

As longtime followers of the blog know, I have been reading the Harry Potter series for my Chapter-A-Long project. It started last year with the #PotterheadReadAlong19 hosted by Noura at The Perks of Being Noura. It started off with posts for each chapter published nearly every day because, at the time, I was able to blog while I was at work if it was slow and it helped pass the time. I wasn’t able to keep up that pace without sacrificing the rest of my blog for it (and I was also starting to do blog tours and definitely wanted to keep going with those), so it became a weekly feature and has been that way for a while.

And then . . . J.K. Rowling had to start tweeting about transgender and gender nonbinary people.

This frustrates me so much. I have always admired Rowling so much, from her humble beginnings as a poor single mom, to her brilliance as a writer and world builder, to her contributions to charitable organizations around the globe. She was one of my heros and I am unbelievably disappointed.

As such, I have conflicting feelings about continuing to read her books for this. I will always love these books and will probably feel comfortable going back to them at some point, but . . . maybe don’t talk about them as much right now. If you could, please take a quick second to vote in the polls I have made below.

If you chose “no,” then I would also appreciate some insight into what I should read instead.


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