Weekly Wrap-Up – 10/4/19

Weekly Wrap-Up

Y’all, I’m so glad that it’s Friday. This has been a WEEK! It’s been pretty stressful, both at work and at home, and I’ve also been having trouble sleeping, which makes everything worse. Of course. This weekend is also going to be really busy, but I’m hoping I’ll get at least a little bit of time to relax at some point. I do have two reviews coming up over the weekend – The Athena Protocol and The Grace Year – but they are already written and scheduled. These were both excellent books. I’ve been reading some really good ones lately, which is awesome.

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail as to what all is going on, since this isn’t really the place for that. Suffice to say that depression and anxiety are both rearing their ugly heads, not just for me but for family members too, which makes everything harder to deal with. There’s so much to do, but all I want to do is curl up and hide from everything. It’s not fun. I know that it will pass eventually. I just need to get through it.

I am very happy with how the blog is going though. It may sound silly, but when dealing with depression and stress, coming here and getting excited about books really helps. It’s a bright spot in my day and always makes me smile even when smiling is hard. So to anyone who takes the time to read my ramblings, like a post, or leave a comment, thank you for being here. I really appreciate each and every one of you.

Ugh, I’m getting sappy now. Let’s move on to the weekly stats:

Reading progress: Sept 27th to Oct 3rd

  • I read chapters 21 through 35 of The Vine Witch by Luanne G. Smith, finishing that book. You may have seen my post for the blog tour, which was posted yesterday. If not, check it out here. I really enjoyed the book AND the author is really nice. She thanked me on Twitter for the review! 🙂
  • I read chapters 5 through 24 of The Athena Protocol by Shamim Sarif, finishing that book. It’s on blog tour right now and my stop is tomorrow, so definitely check it out.
  • I read chapters 10 through 18 of The Smallest Thing by Lisa Manterfield. I will be finishing this one sometime beginning of next week and plan to have the review up next Thursday.
  • I finally picked up A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir, although I only read chapters 6 to 8. I’m definitely going to read more over the weekend though if I have a chance.
  • I read chapter 9 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling. You can read my Chapter-A-Long post here.

I’ve slowed down a bit, but I think that’s just because I had a lot of books going on at once. Plus, when I’m super tired like I am now, it’s much easier to space out staring at social media than it is to concentrate on a story.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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