I’m back!

Hello everyone! I am back from vacation and ready to start blogging again! We had a wonderful time visiting family in Colorado, which was beautiful, but surprisingly cold. I got to spend some time up in the mountains — BIG mountains! Not like the Appalachians where I’m from. I actually had some issues with altitude sickness, although nothing major. A little lightheadedness and some headaches, but I eventually adjusted.

We spent time in Denver, Fort Collins, Estes Park, Silverthorne, Georgetown, and of course, Rocky Mountain National Park. We also spent some downtime with family playing lots of boardgames, like Codenames, Concept, The Resistance, and my personal favorite, Bards Dispense Profanity (it’s just like Cards Against Humanity, if you’ve heard of that one, just Shakespeare themed – so fun!)

Here are some pictures from the trip. This week will be a bit stressful as I catch up on everything that happened while I was gone, so I may not be back to full blogging schedule just yet. But we’ll see.


When they say the Rocky Mountains are majestic, they are not kidding!


Our hotel was right on the river and had lots of benches, tables, and swings to sit at. So peaceful!


We saw lots of elk up in Rocky Mountain National Park. These guys were hanging out just off the road. Lots of people were out taking pictures of them and they did not care at all.


Look at the antlers on this guy!


Lots of snow still up in the higher elevations, and they were about to get more before we left. My hubby got a weather alert saying the park was expecting up to 10 inches of snow over the weekend! In June!


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