Weekly Wrap-Up: 1/4/19

That’s right, you get two posts from me today! I was originally just going to do this post, but had to give that Flashback Friday a try. It looked like too much fun!

I’m going to start doing a weekly wrap-up on Fridays, mostly just to see how I am doing keeping up with various goals and projects that I am working on.

Health Goals:

  • Drinking water: I really needed to get off drinking soda and drink more water. I started tracking it last weekend and have had eight 8 oz. servings of water every day (not quite yet today, but I’m halfway there and it’s almost noon, so I should easily make it). I am down to one can of soda in the morning (need my Diet Coke in the morning), but that’s it.
  • Exercise: I joined VShred to help with my fitness goals. It has been challenging, but I’ve been successful so far. I started the diet part on Sunday and the workouts on Monday and haven’t missed a day yet. It’s only been a few days, so hopefully I can keep up with this.
  • Yoga: I had decided before I found Vshred that I wanted to do more yoga. Several months ago, I had found a YouTube channel called Yoga With Adriene and absolutely loved it, but didn’t do much with it. For January, she is doing a 30 day program called Dedicate, so I decided to give it a go. I’ve only done two so far (there was no yoga on January 1st, but I did the ones on the 2nd and 3rd), and it has been hard. It’s a lot harder than it used to be! The best part about it is there is a great community around Adriene and all of it is free.

Blogging Goals:

  • Posting: I definitely wanted to start posting more. I really enjoy it, but sometimes life gets in the way and makes it harder to do it. This week I have posted six posts, including this one, which might be a record? My goal is five per week, on the weekdays. So we’ll see how that goes.
  • Comments: This was a big one. I am terrible about keeping up with comments on my blog. I am trying to respond to all of them. I’m also trying to do better about commenting on other people’s blogs, especially when they take the time to visit mine. It’s only fair and it’s the best way to build the book blogging community.
  • New Blog: This one is a bit more personal, but I have another blog that I started this month called My Crooked Little Path. I’ve had it for a while, originally intending to keep it as more of a personal journal. Now I am using it to help with my morning meditations. I am using a tarot deck to help me sort out my thoughts (the Shadowscapes Tarot, which is GORGEOUS). This is probably going to be close to an everyday thing, but the posts are pretty short.

Reading Progress:

  • Damn you, reading slumps! I think I’m falling into another one. I’ve only managed to read one chapter of City of Blaze by H.O. Charles this week. Hoping to do better this weekend, maybe even finish it. It’s not that it’s not good. I just can’t wrap my head around it right now.

Hope everyone has had a good week, this first week of 2019. See you next week for more shenanigans!

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