Wake up, it’s Monday! – 9/10/18

Good morning, folks! I am still adjusting to being up early on Monday mornings ever since school and my new job started, so I’ve decided to try and celebrate it. As much as one can when one is not a morning person.

So it’s Monday. What can I say about this week coming up? I’ve recently finished two wonderful books, both very different but both very inspirational. I will try to get reviews posted as soon as possible. HOLD ME TO THAT, INTERNET! I am really bad at follow through, but I am trying to do better about that.

The new job is going well. There are still lots of other aspects to learn, but I have been told that I am doing a great job so far. My only real concern is that I really need to buy some new clothes. At my old job, very few people saw us, so we could wear whatever we wanted. I actually think I rolled in there in pajama pants once when I was not feeling well but wasn’t sick enough to actually stay home. My new job not only expects me to dress like a grown up, but a well-dressed, professional grown up at that. It’s an adjustment, to be sure, but probably a good one. It does feel nice to dress nice. I just need some more comfortable dressy shoes at some point.

I think school is going well for the girl child. Who will BE TURNING 14 THIS MONTH!!! When did that happen? It just doesn’t seem right! She had a bit of a slip during the first week when anxiety and depression got the best of her, but she is doing much better now. This weekend, she got to spend some quality time with her grandma, which she always enjoys. She has also done something else that made me really happy – she ordered a bracelet from Life Token. Her phrase: Stay Strong – You Matter. Such a breakthrough for someone who has been battling with depression so young for so many years. I’m really proud of her.

It left me stuck with the boys for a good part of the weekend, but we amused ourselves. We decided to dust off our old Dungeons & Dragons campaign (of which I am dungeon master – heaven help us all). I don’t even remember when we started it, but the Boy has been through two characters so far. The first one didn’t die, he just decided it was too boring. So goodbye, human fighter, hello dragonborn bard! The Hubby is continuing to play his half-orc paladin, although he has stopped trying to convert the goblins to the worship of Lathander. For anyone familiar with D&D, we’re running the Lost Mine of Phandelvar starter adventure and are smack in the middle of the Wave Echo Cave. Still trying to figure out where we’re going to go from there if we keep playing.

Hope you are all ready for a good week! Stay positive. That’s what I’m trying to do. I know things are really hard for a lot of people right now, but we can get through it all together.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, and I’m glad the kids are doing better, and that you’re enjoying your new job. My post-retirement life finds me in PJs most mornings, but then I try to act as if I’m going out. Sometimes I do.


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