July Blogging Challenge: Day 13

Day 13 – Something I’ve always wanted to be good at

So many things! I always had a bad habit of quitting at things that I didn’t master, or at least feel like I could master, right away. So right off the bat, I wish I was better at being persistent at things. Besides that, here are two other things I wish I was good at.

Music was a big thing for me, especially when I was younger. I started playing the piano when I was six or seven and then started playing the flute in sixth grade. For a while, I wanted to be a professional musician. I thought the best way to do that would be to learn more instruments, so in the summer between ninth and tenth grade, I started learning the oboe. And I LOVED it. Except . . . when I played, it sort of sounded like a tortured duck. I tried really hard and got a little better, but it was never something anyone would want to listen to. When I moved before eleventh grade, I had to give it up and was never able to go back to it.

Another thing I wish I could do is draw. My daughter is an amazing artist and loves to draw anime characters. I’ve always liked drawing, especially when I was a kid, but I was always lucky that I could color inside the lines, much less draw my own pictures. I’ve thought about trying to draw, maybe see if my daughter could teach me something, but every time I’ve tried in the past, the results were laughable at best.

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