July Blogging Challenge: Day 1

Hey everybody! Man, this blog sure does get dusty when I abandon it for so long. Need to do some vacuuming in here.

Ugh. I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging, I really have. I’ve been meaning to do a lot of things, actually. Unfortunately, life has been throwing me some curveballs lately, and some days, it’s all I can do to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Still, getting back into blogging on a regular basis was something I really wanted to do. After all, blogging is easy, right? Right? Just type up some stuff and shove it out on the Internet. Right?

Of course not. Or, at least, not for me.

Then one of my favorite authors, Dianne Sylvan, announced she was going to do a blogging challenge for July, and it just inspired me to get in there and do it. No excuses. No drama. Just. Do. It.

So here’s what to expect:

Smallish blogging. I like that. Makes the thought of trying to do this for 31 days sound much more manageable. So, without further ado . . .

Day 1 – My goals for July

I am setting two goals for this month, which I hope will be engaging and challenging, but yet within my scope to accomplish them.

Goal #1: Complete this blog challenge and get my blog in order. Okay, okay, this one sounds like a cop out, I know. But to be honest, it is more than just using the prompts above. Ever since I started this blog, it has been primarily about books. A large part of it will probably continue to be so, but I want to expand it more. Seek out new topics, chronicle some of my other interests. In that regard, hopefully there will be a few more posts this month than just the above 31, and maybe a few other surprises as well. I’ve got ideas, oh boy, do I have ideas! Now I just need the motivation to accomplish them.

Goal #2: Limit my time on social media. This one is a NECESSITY!! With all the bile and the ugliness and the ramped up negativity out there, I need to step away for my own mental health. I know it has increased my anxiety and depression, but it is so hard to stop. I started diving deeper into it a few years ago as I began to follow closer along with current events. Now, I’ve been telling myself that I need to immerse myself in this garbage just to be able to call myself an informed citizen. Not true at all. I do use it to keep up with friends, family and some fandoms that I follow, so I am not giving it up entirely. But I will be limiting myself to 30 MINUTES PER DAY on the socials, and that 30 minutes can NEVER be before bed. The other unfortunate side effect of this is that it has heavily cut down on my reading. Those of you know have followed me over the years know how bad that is.

So there we go! A new month, a new plan, and two new goals to hopefully keep up with. If anyone else out there is having blogging woes, maybe give this a try. And let me know if you do – was can drag each other across that July 31st goal line!

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