Let your geek flag fly . . .

Today has been a pretty low key day, but hey, it’s the weekend, right? I’ve spent most of my time sitting and working on another crochet project while watching Critical Role on Geek & Sundry. It’s a web based show about a group of people who play Dungeons & Dragons. What’s fun is that all of them are voice actors who has lent their voices to various animated projects and video games, so they can really be creative in making their characters sound really cool.

I’ve always loved role playing games, although I haven’t had much chances to really play them. I love that they are a combination of game play and story telling which is guaranteed to be completely different every time. Plus, I really, really love collecting dice.

Just a few of my dice.

One of these days, if time and social anxiety allows, I will find a D&D group somewhere local and join in. It would be really fun.

Categories: Blog Every Day January, Drabbles

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