A Quick Update

No review today folks. I am packing my bags even as we speak to head to Chattanooga, Tennessee for the weekend, where I will visit an ENORMOUS used bookstore. But even better than that, I will finally get to meet someone who I’ve known online for over ten years – Jess, my podcast co-host on Bibliophiles Anonymous! We first became friends on the Mallorean Tavern, and then on Livejournal. I’m so excited to see her and go book shopping! It’s going to be the best time!

Just a quick reminder, this is the last day to vote for the next part of Heritage, so hop on over to this post and let me know what you want to happen next in the story.

See you guys next week!

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2 replies

  1. WOOHOO! 😀 Let’s do try not to buy out the whole bookstore… though it’s so big, I don’t really think there’s a danger of that.

  2. Have a wonderful time. Take some pictures (Don’t roll those eyes) and give Jess a hug from me!

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