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This is why I’m glad that I moved the Happiness Project posts to Mondays. On Monday, I’m still very focused and gung ho on getting things done. It makes it easier to focus on trying to accomplish some of these goals, since blogging about them automatically makes me feel more accountable.

So last week, I made four goals. Let’s see how I did with them.

1. Next time my daughter is upset about something this week, acknowledge her feelings and don’t try to shove them under the rug.

I’m not sure about my success with this one, mostly because I’m having a hard time coming up with individual issues where she got upset and I had to deal with it. Which probably means I didn’t do very good with this one, because I would have been thinking about it more. Oh well. I’ll keep trying.

In unrelated news, my daughter’s soccer team won their first game on Saturday. The season’s almost over, but hey. They won at least one game!

2. Do one art project with my daughter (and my stepson, if he’s interested).

This is another one that partially got done. I talked it over with my daughter and she seemed interested in doing something like this. We didn’t have much time this weekend to do much, but we did get some ideas. In our living room, there’s a big cabinet that has a bunch of arts and crafts supplies. It’s a mess, to be honest. We went through it and decided what stuff she wants to keep, and what can go in the trash. I think that counts. We’ll get to actually making something later.

3. Plan some sort of activity for the weekend that involves getting out of the house and finding fun.

We did this!!! Yay!!! On Sunday, we went to a really nice park near our house. My daughter calls it “the fairy trail” because, according to her, there are a whole bunch of signs that prove that fairies live there. There’s a really nice paved walking path that twists and turns through the park, plus picnic tables and a playground. The kids brought their scooters and took off while my hubby and I enjoyed a nice, more leisurely stroll. It was really nice

4. Read one of the short stories in the anthology and blog about it on Friday.

Totally failed at this one. Enough said.

So while it wasn’t a complete success, it wasn’t a complete failure either. And planning goals like this gets me back in the Happiness Project mindset and shows me where I need to do better, which is always a good thing. For this week, I probably won’t do as much, because I have some family coming in and won’t have as much time over the weekend as I usually do. My goals for this week will be:


2. Decide on the arts and crafts thing. Will we learn something new together? Will I teach my daughter something that I know how to do? She showed some interest in crochet, so that’s a possibility. Notice that I didn’t say that we would actually do anything for sure. But we will make a decision. That will be good enough.

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  1. Congrats on getting out & doing something fun as a family this weekend. The weather was way too nice not to be out enjoying it. As far as teaching her something new that you already know how to do – I would suggest counted cross stitch. She has seen all of the beautiful ones that you have done and with some help I know she could do some of the beginners projects that are out there. Just a suggestion 🙂 Feel free to take it or ignore it – your choice!

  2. I loved tip #1 you listed when I read that chapter! Even though I don’t have kids, I totally applied the advice towards my boyfriend lol. April also taught me to “lighten up” by not rushing through so much of the weekends

    • I rush through the weekends too. It just feels like there’s always so much to be done, but then when the weekend is over, I feel like it’s flown by and I’ve done absolutely nothing. Oh well. Eventually I’ll find the right balance.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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