Writing Roundup

This is a new feature I am going to start doing on Fridays. I want to keep track of my writing progress and I figure that any readers who are following my blog can help me stay honest.

So my strategy so far has been to use the website 750words.com to help motivate me to write every day. The goal is simple – write 750 words, which is approximately three pages, every day. The website keeps track of your progress, you earn points and badges depending on how well you do. The only badge I’ve managed to earn so far is the Turkey, for a three day writing streak.

Isn’t he cute!

So if I was supposed to write 750 words each day and there are seven days in the week, I should have written 5250 words this week. Right? Well, no. I missed writing for several days. I did write 2601 words, which is at least something. My project is sitting pretty at 45,561 words total at the moment, which is a decent amount. I might be somewhere around the half way point? I’ve just introduced a fairly major revelation and plot twist that will take a couple of the characters in a completely different direction. I’m happy with that progress.

Plus, I managed to blog five days this week. Hopefully I can keep that up. 🙂

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  1. I honestly cannot imagine how you do all you do each day and still can get out for dinner and/or shopping trips. You are amazing and I want to read your books. Git r dun!

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