Balancing life . . .

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, which is never a good idea for me – I over analyze things with the best of them. My life seems to be divided into two distinct categories: the things I want to do and the things I have to do. Unfortunately, these things don’t often coincide.

Things I Want To Do (and Enjoy)

  • Write – I’ve been doing a fair amount of this recently, but it’s hard. When I get really tired, writing is the last thing I feel motivated to do.
  • Blog – I’ve been doing better at this, especially this week. My goal is to try and work up to blogging five times per week on a regular basis. We’ll see how that goes.
  • Music – Now that the Symphony Chorale has resumed for the Fall, I get to sing again. It’s only on Monday nights, but it’s the highlight of my week.

Things I Have To Do (and Endure)

  • The J.O.B. – I know that I’m very lucky to even have a job, but it’s hard to not complain about it from time to time. At best, my day-to-day is tedious. At worst, it is overwhelming and gives me headaches.
  • Housework – Goes without saying. Has to be done and, especially with two kids in the house, is never ending.
  • Cooking – This probably goes with housework a bit, but I really hate to cook. I’m really bad at it, which makes it even worse. I am lucky, however, to have a husband who doesn’t mind crappy microwave meals.

This is how it feels, although I wish I could look this fabulous and skinny while doing it. Also want to know where to purchase extra hands.

You’ll notice that taking care of the kids and/or my husband is not listed here. Depending on what’s going on, they sometimes jump back and forth between both lists. Especially the kids. My husband pretty much takes care of himself.

My problem is that my life is way out of balance. Too much time and energy is put into the second list – things that I really don’t like. Part of that is just being a grown up. Incidentally, I always laugh when the kids mention how wonderful being a grown up is because then they’ll get to do anything they want. I’ve tried to explain how wrong that assumption is, but they won’t hear it.

I need to find more ways to spend time doing the things that I enjoy, the things that make me feel fulfilled, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Does anyone else out there feel this way? If so, what do you do about it?

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  1. I always laughed when you said you wanted to be a grown up so you could do whatever you wanted, too. (This is my nice way of saying “I told you so”). I always wished that someone would tell me I HAD to go to bed at 9:00 no matter what else still needed to be done 🙂 The truth is, you CAN do whatever you want – you just have to want it bad enough to make it happen.
    1. JOB – is just that – a job. You are lucky to have one and it pays the bills. Easier said than done, but when you leave the workplace – leave the workplace behind.
    2. Cooking – don’t stress about it. Crock pots are great – meal ready when you get home.
    3. Housework – you are not the only one that has to do it. Hubby helps, but so can kiddos (& mom, too)

    BTW – love the skinny chickie with all the extra arms!

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